“Architecture is basically the design of interiors, the art of organizing interior space.”

Philip Johnson, American Architect

Designers, Architects, Builders

If you are not already working with a designer, or artchitect, contact us and let us help you connect with an industry professional.

Contract Flooring, Inc. is a premier flooring company and has been for over 30 years for one reason: we want more than your business, we want to build a relationship.




Working with designers, architects, builders, or your clients, our team will use our dedication and knowledge to provide an experience above and beyond what you thought you could expect.

We work with the region’s best commercial master craftsmen who are professional, skilled and focused on customer service.

Designers, Architects, Builders

Contact us today and let our experience and knowledge bring life to your project.

Business Owners, Property Managers

We can assist you in establishing facility standarfds, while maintaining focus on budget and appearance.

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Working from the ground floor up (pun intended) we look at all aspects of your project and ask a lot of questions to access all your concerns, those you have and those you may not have considered.


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